Japanese Pastries Baked with Organic Kyoto Matcha

We know some of you are too busy with your life to bake and we guarantee to satisfy you with our pastries. They are baked carefully with high quality ingredients and packed with special care for shipment. Let us do the baking for you!

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Note:  Please note that shipments may be delayed due to covid19 and the current events happening around America. We apologize. We will send out your order as soon as possible but once it's in the hands of USPS, we have no control over the delivery time. Check out our cakes, cookies and bread. You can still enjoy special pastries at home.

April (卯月:Uduki)

It is season “Deutzia crenata” flower bloom.
It is a month farmers plant seeds in the fields.

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About Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry

Hi Everyone! We are Naoki & Michiko Ozu. We are a husband and wife team. Naoki is a mechanical engineer with 20 years of experiences working for popular Japanese corporations such as Hitachi. He likes football (soccer in America), rock music and bringing his ideas to life. Michiko studied English Literature at Columbia and Psychology at NYU. She enjoys reading science, drawing and writing poetry. We believe we can merge our diverse knowledge and skills into something new and meaningful for people around the world through Ozu’s pastry.

Naoki and Michiko
Sir. Spongy and Junior

Production Methods

“Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry is a Gourmet Food Online Bakery (Healthy European-Inspired Japanese Bakery). We have started our online shop at NYC since April 17, 2018 .We use high quality ingredients and Organic Matcha from Kyoto. Our cakes, cookies and bread are also packed with special care.Cookies, bread and cakes can be a big part of a person’s life, bringing back heartfelt memories from our past. As people get older, they tend to avoid pastries for health reasons. When people buy our products, they can still enjoy sweets without worrying about the ingredients (artificial and preservatives) unlike most items that are being sold today. We believes that food should be healthy, delicious and pleasing to the eyes.Our pastries will spread Japanese culture to the world and promote healthy habits.”

Poetry Art (www.michikoozu.com)

Our Location

Central New York

We moved and reopened on March 10 (Tuesday), 2020.

The location is Central of New York State.( zip code 13492 )